About us

SIEL, Sistemi Elettronici S.R.L, founded in 1980, is one of the most important Italian electronic manufacturers specialized in the design and production of professional FM broadcasting equipment with high audio performance.

The innovative technological processes and the automated production cycles allow the manufacturing of versatile FM broadcasting equipment with high quality standard
and production lead times extremely reduced.

SIEL manufactures a wide range of FM exciters and solid-state FM amplifiers up to 20 KW, stereo and RDS encoders, control systems, analogue and digital radio links.

In the 1990 SIEL add to the FM product line the TV broadcasting equipment line with a complete line of air and liquid cooled transmitter and transposers up to 20KW analogue, than the TV
transmitters becomes to be updated to be digital ready up to 5 KW rms.

The design and manufacturing processes used by SIEL allow:

Modular design with better accessibility and interchangeability and significant size and weight reduction Ease of installation and maintenance
High efficiency and increased gain with reduced power consumption and lower operating costs of broadcasting stations
High reliability through a sophisticated remote control of performance.
SIEL state-of-the-art products are developed at unparalleled quality and costs.

After-sales services and support, training courses and on-site support are the services that SIEL
provides to fully satisfy customer requirements.

In the year 2000 SIEL start sto study and develope complete netwoks and turn keys projects arround the world and today represent one of the good and reliable name in this field.
SIEL organization is strongly committed to achieving efficiency and effectiveness.

The management guidelines and responsibilities are well defined in SIEL.

The different operating units are managed through a management by objectives system that allows for the achievement of the top-most productivity within the organization.
The structured flow of information and the implementation of streamlined procedures allow the company to achieve high effectiveness and efficiency in all the operating departments.
An up-to-date management information system is operating throughout SIEL to manage data acquisition, design, planning, estimate, order management, warehouse management, procurement,
production, administration and cost control.

SIEL customers can rely on a fast delivery process of high quality products from our warehouses and on a continuous availability of spare parts of our installed products.
SIEL’s objectives are the creation of added value for its customers by designing and manufacturing equipment with higher quality and performance standards.

SIEL’s commitment to quality is not only limited to the internal quality management system but extends to the relationship with its customers and their Italian and foreign distributors whose
operations, efficiency and professionalism are to be in line with SIEL quality requirements.

The top management is continuously committed, during management review stages, to verifying quality indexes, evaluating the results of internal audits and implementing of preventive and corrective
actions to reduce claims and non-conformities. All the electronic components and mechanical parts are purchased from certified suppliers. Materials purchased from different suppliers are controlled in
SIEL factory to verify their compliance to engineering specifications reported in purchase orders.

The production cycle, the quality assurance and the thorough control in production ensure a high quality level of all SIEL products.

The continuous improvement of quality is SIEL’s main goal together